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Embark on a journey into unparalleled creativity with Big Rock Creative, your premier choice for crafting extraordinary XR experiences. Our unwavering mission is to construct immersive and inclusive social landscapes across realities, fostering collaboration, uplifting artists, and enchanting participants.

At the forefront of innovation, Big Rock Creative stands as the visionary force behind the acclaimed BRCvr experience. This groundbreaking creation emerged as an official virtual Burning Man experience for both Virtual Burn Week 2020 and 2021, captivating a global audience and providing the Burner community with a virtual haven for boundless creative expression.

Our trailblazing success extends far beyond the confines of virtual playa, catching the attention of esteemed entities such as Microsoft, the United Nations, T-Mobile for Business, Golden Apple Comics, Breonna’s Garden, Pride, and more. 

Recognizing the transformative power of the metaverse, these companies and ambitious projects sought our expertise to seamlessly transition their unique communities into this digital realm.

We take pride in our ability to turn ambitious visions into reality, earning the trust and admiration of diverse organizations. From concept to execution, we have cultivated an impressive track record of success, reflected in the numerous awards bestowed upon us for our groundbreaking experiences.

Choose Big Rock Creative to elevate your journey into the metaverse, where innovation knows no bounds, and where your vision becomes an immersive reality that resonates with audiences worldwide.

We are honored to have won many awards for our experiences.

AWE 2023
LiveWire 2022 2023
M100 2023
XR Women
PGA 2021
SXSW 2022
Aurea 2021
AWE 2022
Hermes 2021
VR Award 2021 2022
No Proscenium 2020

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"This is a surprisingly effective reimagining of a real world community"
- Daniel Terdiman, Fast Company

"The brightest star in the multi-verse"
- Chris Taylor, Mashable


"It's a perfect reconstruction"
- Peter Reubens, Wired

"It's one of the best VR experiences we've seen all year"
- Charlie fink, Forbes

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We build immersive and inclusive social experiences across realities that encourage collaboration, elevate artists and delight participants.
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