Creating a New AltspaceVR Account for Headsets


Prep: Watch This Video

Created by AltspaceVR. 

You will first need to download and install your client. Then, you will be required to link your AltspaceVR account to a new or existing personal Microsoft account. We suggest creating your AltspaceVR account first, then following the prompts to log in using (or create) the personal Microsoft account. 

For Beginners, the AltspaceVR Beginner’s Guide is also very helpful.


FanConXR Instructions: access AltspaceVR website

Create an AltspaceVR Account

On a computer, go to:

Select ‘Sign In’ to begin.


FanConXR Instructions: using Microsoft to enter AltspaceVR

Select the blue ‘Sign in with Microsoft’ button

Use your personal Microsoft Home account. (Not your student or professional account.) 

You can tell you’re signed in because your email address will appear in the upper right corner. 


FanConXR Instructions: Creating a Microsoft Account

Sign into Microsoft Home

Sign in using your personal account. Move on to step 5.

No Personal Microsoft Account?
Follow the prompts to ‘Create an account’.


Headsets that work with AltspaceVR, and FanConXR.

Download AltspaceVR to Headset

In a separate browser tab, go to 

Select the button associated with your headset and follow the directions. AltspaceVR will be added to your headset app store to access.


AltspaceVR Instructions Set up a Profile

Setting up Your Profile

Once downloading is completed, you will be prompted to create your profile.

Be sure to create your Display Name and User Name. The display name can be changed whenever you want; the user name is unique to you and cannot be changed.

Also, toggle ‘on’ for both of the following:
Enable World’s Beta and Participate in Early Access Program

Once that’s done, leave this browser window open. 


FanConXR Instructions: logging into AltspaceVR

Opening AltspaceVR in Headset

With your headset on now, open the AltspaceVR app.

 Using your headset controllers, select  ‘Sign in with Microsoft.’ 

A separate screen will appear prompting you to activate your device via a unique code, which you’ll need to copy.


Microsoft Device Login page

Link Account by Device Login

On a separate browser window or on your mobile phone, go to: 

*Make sure you are still logged-in to your account on

Enter your unique code and select NEXT. The code isn’t case-sensitive.

Follow the on-screen instructions to activate your device.

Note: Due to security, you will likely have to submit a device login code twice.

Microsoft will accept the code(s) and notes that you can close the window. 


Log into Desktop Altspace VR

Enter AltspaceVR

Give it 30 seconds, and then you should be able to access via your headset. 

Enjoy and explore!