BRCvr 2021 Credits


Doug Jacobson

Athena Demos

Lead Developer

Doug Jacobson


Alan Chao

Austin “Cause” Caine

Christi Fenison

Goose Manriquez

Jennifer “Nera” Brooks

John Gwinner

John Riggs

Loren Kulsen

Mohamadraza Ali

Oded Sharon

Sean Guadron

Shushu & Niko

MX Development Team

Alan Tolentino Rojas

Alejandro Blanca Gutierrez

Amador Serrano Vergara

Armando Manuel Cortez Hernandez

Carlos Johari Perez Herrera

Emiliano Flores

Roberto Gutierrez Osnaya

Director of Creative Services

Justin Gunn

Creator Services

Lindsay Handren

Sara Pugh 

Matt Bokoles

Event Production Manager

Paul Kats

Event Production

Alicia Tan

Andrew Barrett

Andy Fidel

Danielle White

Joey Elwell

Kallisti Dawn

Kevin Ells

Krista An


Matt Bokoles (Ender)

Rich Prugh

Rick Tuazon

Sara Pugh

PR & Marketing Director

Andrew Barrett 

PR - Social Media Manager

Alicia Tan

Press Representative

Kristen Grossi

Website Tech

Alicia St. Rose

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Kallisti Dawn

Web Integration

Joey Elwell

Legal - Digital Rights and IP

Christiane Kinney

Legal Business Advisor

Lindsay Magnano

Special Thanks to 

the Microsoft and Altspace Team: Alex Kipman, Katie Kelly, Leila Amirsadeghi, Genevieve Pesant, Krystal Ho, Mei Mei Bong, Jason Schmidt, Yunji Johanning, Rachelle Nydegger

Special Thanks to 

our Advisors Chris Paine, Ajay Arora, Paul Katz, Coburn Hawk, Jim Wyatt, 

Special Thanks to 

our friends and family Jenna Seiden, Steven Blumenfeld, Kim Cook, Gloria Beck, Chris Christiansen, Peter Platzgummer, Kirsten Weisenburger, Marian Goodell and every one at The Burning Man Project and our entire Global Burner Community.

BRCvr was possible because of YOU.

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